How To Secure Your Investments

diversify and secure your retirement

You need to put money aside for the future but you need to choose the right investments for your portfolio to grow without having to worry about losing any of your hard-earned cash to an unstable market or to speculation. A lot of investors choose a Gold IRA to finance their retirement. Is this the right way to secure your investments and to retire comfortably?

Are you Eligible For A Gold IRA Rollover?

If you have been saving up for retirement, you should be able to roll these savings over into a precious metals IRA. Transforming your savings into gold makes sense if the economy is not performing well and if other types of investments will not perform well either. A lot of investors are choosing to rollover their savings into a Gold IRA since this is a safer way to invest their money when the market is not performing well. A precious metals IRA is safer than most investments and will help you protect your cash until you retire.

Why Should You Invest In A Gold IRA?

A Singular Retirement Account is where your investments are made in gold or in other precious metals. You will not physically hold any precious metal but the IRA firm you choose will physically hold the gold to guarantee the security of the precious metal. In most cases, you will be investing in gold coins, bars and bullions. This is a safer way to save up for retirement compared to making more volatile investments such as stocks and shares that could lose their value before you retire.

The Economy Is Not Performing Well

The U.S. economy has not been in good shape these past few years and the situation is similar in every other developed country. The securities exchange market are not performing well either and most investors are not confident about making high-risk investments. The Chinese economy is slowing down after a period of fast expansion and the same thing is going on in Japan. The U.S. and U.K. markets are struggling and it is difficult to find investments that will perform well. Investing in stocks and in other traditional financial products is not a safe way to save up for retirement since these investments could lose most of their value in the years to come. If you haven’t already rolled your savings over into a Gold IRA, this is an option you should consider. Investing in other types of financial products represents a risk and things are not likely to improve right away. In fact, the economy could keep worsening in the next few years, which could have catastrophic consequences on your savings and make it difficult to retire comfortably.

How Much Is Gold Worth?

The cost of gold has been steadily increasing. A sharp increase can be seen over the past three months but the growth has been rather steady.

The value of gold has been going up and down over the past year. The price of gold is currently at the highest it has been all year long. Gold is a safe investment because even though its price goes up and down, the price of gold will always rise again. There is a limited quantity of gold available in the world and demand for this precious metal will always be strong. There is a dependable supply available and demand will never disappear.

Rolling Your Retirement Savings Over Into A Gold&Silver IRA

There are two ways to transform your savings into gold:

– You can exchange a stream of cash for gold. An appropriation check has to be made by the caretaker of your savings and should be payable to the new trustee. You can use this method to transform cash into gold at anytime and can have appropriation checks made whenever you need to.

– You can also roll a retirement account over into a Gold IRA. Your current retirement account will be dispersed and the funds will go into a Gold IRA where they will be transformed into precious metals. You will have two months to invest the cash in precious metals and will have to wait a specific amount of time before rolling over more cash since there might be charges and penalties that apply.

Regal Assets can help you roll over your existing 401k or IRA into a Gold backed IRA. If you have contributed more than $10,000 to your retirement account, you will get expense waivers and will be able to easily roll over your savings into a individual gold backed retirement account without having to pay any additional charges.

Regal Assets specializes in offering this type of financial services. This company can help you transfer your savings easily and can reverse this move if you end up changing your mind. It is very easy to sell the gold at spot cost if you decide you would rather make other investments with your cash. Since gold is always valuable and other precious metals are going up, investing in a Gold&Silver IRA or in other precious metal should be more interesting than making traditional paper-based investments. We wrote a great review of the best gold IRA companies and we would be more than happy to hear your thoughts on it.

What Is Expansion?

Expansion is defined by Investopedia as an increase in the cost of products and administration. There is a yearly rate that represents expansion. The expansion rate going up means that you can buy less with your money since more money will go towards the cost of production or administration. There are some measures in place to control and reduce swelling as much as possible, but it is impossible to completely eliminate this phenomenon. You have probably experienced it first-hand with your cost of living going up. The cost of living is likely to continue going up and it will be difficult to live comfortably when the time to retire comes. Swelling is no longer under control and things are likely to keep getting worse. The best way to protect yourself from this phenomenon is to focus on protecting your investments.