Northwest Territorial Mint Review

This is a gold trading and selling company known for a wide variety of secondary products, to includenorthwest territorial mint review pendants and badges. Northwest Territorial mint is in close proximity to Seattle, operating for many years. As a matter of fact, it has been considered as being listed with the top mints in the U.S, providing a wealth of products since being founded in 1984.

Recently, you may have noticed them on the news for requesting help with bankruptcy while having issues with investors. There are a number of customers that have not received delivery, and it remains likely they never will. It is also very likely that they could be going out of business at some point, as this has all stemmed from a lawsuit against them. It had been determined that they committed libel, which resulted in an order that they had to pay $12.5 million right away and over $20 million additional restitution over time.

This is one major mint to get an F rating through the Better Business Bureau. Over the last three years the Better Business Bureau has gotten 396 complaints against the company, with 293 which happened over the last 12 months, with 53 negative reviews and only 6 positive reviews. Looking at information through the Better Business Bureau, NWTMint is trying to bring their business practices and website in line with the Better Business Bureau standards to improve upon their ratings. Even though there has been negativity online, TrustLink does not have any reviews available for NWTMint.

Northwest Territorial Mint Review – BBB,BCA,TRUSTLINK COMPLAINTS

BBB Rating: An F rating, along with 396 complaints over the last 3 years
TrustLink Rating: Not rated
BCA Rating: An B rating, along with 1 complaint over the last 3 years
Ripoff Report Rating: 26 reports found
Yelp Rating: 1/5 stars, based upon 24 reviews
Address: 80 E. Airpark Vista Boulevard, Dayton, Nevada 89403
Phone: (800) 843-9854