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Why Buy Platinum Online? Platinum’s Background and Industrial Applications

If you are looking to buy platinum online, you should know that it has been among the most desired and sought after precious metals for some time now. Yet investors are so easily all-consumed by gold and silver that effectively dominate the financial media headlines for the precious metals complex. Platinum boasted huge demand through the late 1990s until its prices collapsed. At this point, both refineries and mints abandoned the platinum market.

Yet this become redressed in the first years of the new century as producers returned to the market and newly designed bars and bullion coins reappeared for happy investors to grab. Platinum’s demand has been on the upswing since then thanks to its wide-ranging industrial applications. Silver and gold are more heavily utilized for small technology goods and jewelry. Platinum finds use in dental equipment, catalytic converters for car engines, electrical contacts, lab equipment, and electrodes.

Today, platinum is once again idolized for its industrial capabilities and its lustrous beauty. The one of a kind supply and demand features can create fantastic returns for investors. This results in part from the often under-appreciated scarcity of platinum. Most investors are stunned to learn that platinum is significantly rarer than gold and silver. To give you some idea, all of the platinum that has ever been unearthed could be compactly placed within a relatively small room that measures 25 feet by 25 feet. This makes the densest of the major precious metals over twenty times rarer than gold.

Regardless of this limited supply, the prices of platinum have sunk below gold’s price recently. This is a strange anomaly that has rarely been witnessed over the last few decades. Gold has risen as measured in ounces of platinum because investors over the last 15 plus years have reconsidered it as first choice for safe haven and monetary insurance in today’s inflationary and geopolitically uncertain days. The two have in common their ability to be struck as bullion coins and bars and then acquired by investors. It may be said that investors do not fairly realize the wealth-sustaining capabilities of the white metal.

Buying Platinum Provides Enormous Upside Potential

You cannot underestimate the enormous upside potential possible with platinum investing. Throughout history, platinum usually sells for approximately two times as much as gold. Even back in May of 2008 platinum’s price boasted 2.4 times higher than the gold prices.

The Global Financial Crisis struck down both precious metals briefly. Out of these ashes, gold rose with a vengeance to reclaim and surpass its lofty former heights. Platinum on the other hand has badly lagged behind so far. Such underperformance will not keep forever. Platinum can easily outperform the other precious metals based on any of the following scenarios:

  • Additional platinum mining disruptions (especially in troubled South Africa)
  • Global demand for cars significantly increases
  • Platinum becomes rediscovered as a primary means of preserving wealth on level with silver and gold

Making A Bullish Case for Platinum Investing

It is getting so much more difficult to extract the known deposits of platinum in the few locations where it even exists. Almost 75 percent of all global platinum supply is found in the mines of one country alone— South Africa. Yet South Africa’s mining industry has been fraught with severe problems. These range from power outages at the mines, to labor disputes, to violence throughout the country itself.

Production is not at all stable here. In 2008 alone, huge electrical failures shut in production of a majority of the mine’s in South Africa. The government has persistently spread rumors that it will nationalize every mine in the country. This has understandably discouraged new investment from the major international miners, either in expanding existing operations or opening up new ones.

Where demand is concerned, the potential for platinum looks rosy. Because of the rising middle classes of India and China (which between them contain about 40 percent of all the people on earth) auto demand looks certain to remain strong and growing.

There is also downside to platinum bullion coins and bars as measured up against gold. Yet platinum has already factored this in with the lower prices relative to gold. While platinum is more speculative than big brother gold, it is true that the risk versus reward of the white metal has scarcely ever presented a stronger investing case.

Platinum American Eagles american eagle coin back

In 1997 the American Platinum Eagle coins debuted from the U.S. Mint. These one ounce stunners come with an impressive highest-ever (from America) face value of $100. The Mint also releases its annual Proof American Platinum Eagle collectors’ pieces. Collectors regard this as the most unique issue which the U.S. Mint has ever struck and released.

Platinum Austrian Philharmonics

The Austrian Philharmonic program quickly emerged as the most successful (and ultimately popular) modern coin program in Europe after its gold coin origins back in 1989. The famed historic Austrian Mint turned its attention towards platinum bullion in 2016 in its long-awaited release of the Austrian Platinum Philharmonics. This represented the first time the mint had struck a platinum issue in its prestigious 800 plus year history.

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Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs

In 1988, the Royal Canadian Mint rolled simultaneously out its Canadian Platinum and Silver versions of its famed Maple Leafs signature line. In the first year, the platinum edition came not only in single ounce weights, but also a number of

fractional ounces sizes and weights. This production run continued through 2001 then went on a long eight year break. After the platinum coin series became re-continued in 2009, only the one ounce variations reappeared.

Platinum Australian Platypusbuy platinum coins australian

It is noteworthy that Australia became the first of the major industrial nations to release its yearly produced platinum coins for investors. They started striking them in 1987. By 2011, the Perth Mint had created a unique and popular coin series called the Australian Platinum Platypus featuring the species which is found only in the eastern parts of “the land down under.”  These coins boast a hefty hundred Australian dollars face value.

British Platinum Queen’s Beasts

In 2016, Great Britain launched its extremely popular new series featuring the royal Lion of England on both the gold and silver issues. In 2017, the Royal Mint expanded this to feature new Lion of England gracing the obverse of the single ounce platinum coin. The series features a range of firsts for the Royal Mint, including the first ever two ounce sized silver bullion coin from this historic and prestigious oldest mint in the world.

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